Bringing life to Downtown

GCRC has always sought to be an active part of bringing life to the downtown district. Part of our goal is to not only create a quality experience for our customers, attracting people to the down town area, but to also doing our part to improve the overall downtown shopping experience by improving the appearance of the building we own. 

Renovation Projects

504 W. Main Street

GCRC purchased the building in 2000 to be a permanent home for the Thrift Store, after having leased the building for several years. In 2019 the building underwent a major remodeling project, funded in part by the United Way of Graham and Greenlee County. The project included remoing the upstairs apartment which had not been used as an apartment in decades, and creating a vocatinal training center for both staff and participants in the GCRC employment program. The renovation also included installing and elevator and rejuvinating the face of the building. To the left, is a picture of the building from 1985, just a few year before GCRC started renting the building. Below that is a picture of the current Thrift Store  

512 W. Main Street

GCRC purchased the building in 2013 to be a home for our Adult Day Program. In 2014 the program expanded to include a children's after school and summer program. The building underwent a significate remodeling in 2018. The awning was removed revealing the original brick face of the building. To the left is the look of the building how it looked prior to the remodel. Below is the building as it currently looks after remodel. The sign at the top for the furniture manufacture was hidden behind the awning. GCRC had a new sign made that duplicated the original sign as part of retaining the charm of the original down town building. 

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