About GCRC

The Graham County Rehabilitation Center (GCRC) was organized in 1968 under the name Graham County ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens). The founders were a group of loving, dedicated people, who believed in the value of life, and in the worth and dignity of people with a developmental  disability. GCRC believes developmentally disabled individuals have the right to the opportunity to developmentally, physically, and socially in reaching their full potential. 
The intent of the organization is to promote the general welfare of developmentally disabled individuals - to provide the way and means whereby each developmentally disabled individual may have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential according to each one's unique abilities; that each person might be an integral part of home, family and community; thereby giving purpose, meaning and dignity to life. 

The principle objectives  and purposes for which the organization exists are to promote the general welfare of developmentally disabled adults and children by: 

  1. providing job training opportunities for able adults to enable them to become more self-sufficient;
  2. providing skill development in independent living, self care, communication, recreation and social relationships;
  3. encouraging physical fitness awareness and participation;
  4. working closely with parents in coordinating programs for developmentally disabled individuals;   
  5. providing a therapy and training program for infants, adults and parents; 
  6. promoting public education and awareness of developmentally disabled individuals through community interactions; 
  7. providing educational opportunities to increase academic skills; 
  8. and soliciting and receiving funds for the accomplishment of the above purpose.